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30th-Mar-2012 03:38 pm - I've moved, Internets!
I'm no longer using this journal!

Catch up with me instead at my twitter:

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17th-Jul-2008 10:00 am - Library War
Nothing to report...that's pretty much it...nothing going on right now...working on replacement panels for chapters 3 and 4, which I hope will be uploaded in the next 24 hours or so. Then I storyboard out chapter 5 and get going with the pencils.

My friend Liz got me watching Library War. It's my favourite anime at the moment. I love the characters! I wish it was a longer length series instead of being only about 12 episodes, though. It's about a world in the near future where one government faction with its own military called 'The Media Enhancement Group' is trying to ban books that might 'negatively influence today's youth', and another faction, the Library Corps, which is a military organisation opposing them and trying to get them to respect freedom of speech/thought/reading. And to do this, the librarians resort to guns. Heh. I loved how, in one of the episodes, a book which had all been wiped out and which the lead characters were trying to protect one of the last copies of, turned out to be Fahrenheit 451. The character art is very clean and well drawn, and the characters themselves are likeable and intriguing. If there was a manga of this I'd get it.

Some of the original art from Hollow Fields 1 is going to be on display at the Tasmania State Library. I have no dates yet, so stay tuned.
Chapter two revisions are finished, groan. So that part of the hurting is over and done with, now on to chapter three...

I will be at Supanova in October. Just making that official. The things I'll be doing there haven't entirely been finalised, but since the plane tickets are getting booked I will definitely be present (they're non-refundable...). At least Hobart to Sydney is a pretty easy trip. I will have a berth in the artists' alley, and for that reason, I am asking - what kind of things do people generally like to see at an artists' table? There's going to be copies of Hollow Fields, and we're in discussion with a buddy who has a badge-making machine to get some cute little badges done. Other than that - any ideas? Postcards? Bookmarks? Anything else? I'd like to organise this stuff soon while I still have a few weeks...

There's a podcast review of Hollow Fields up on Sesho's Anime and Manga Reviews , which gives Hollow Fields volume 1 a grade of A. Worth listening to for the bit where the reviewer points out what happens when children go to detention - "they never come baaaack!!" (dramatic voice). Hollow Fields gets a good mark because according to Sesho it captures one important thing about Japanese manga - it's strange. Can't argue with that!
Okay, since people have been wondering what I have gotten up to over the past two weeks, I'm going to post a few recaps. This first one deals with just my first two days in Japan - but hey, a lot happened. Cue lj cut!

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More updates to come!

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Back in Tasmania.

Have not slept since 6am yesterday.

Blog update with all the info and details coming soon after rest.

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Do not disturb or I will be forced to make this giant robot eet you.
29th-Jun-2007 10:17 pm - Later!
Hi all,

I'm going to be away from the Internets for a couple of days - won't be back until July 11th, due to some unforseen travel.

I saw Transformers. And it cemented my belief that if a movie studio wants to rehash an old classic cartoon, you must must MUST go in there expecting it to be terrible - because chances are, you'll have a good time, like I did. Bumblebee = win.

I want one of those for my next car.
25th-Jun-2007 12:19 pm - Publication day has arrived!
Hollow Fields volume one is officially published today!

I am not entirely sure if that means it's stocked in your local Borders yet (I'm thinking it does, if you are in the U S of A).

I got tagged by silverblue for a music meme, so I'll put it under a cut...(I can understand that some folk find these things annoying...)

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20th-Jun-2007 11:49 am - Luke, I am your...MOTHER!!
I must be croaky this morning. I get a call from Seb's doctor, and I tell the doctor Seb's not in. "Oh, are you his mother?" says the doctor innocently. I respond with, "no, I'm his fiance" and expect an embarrassed apology, but the doctor says nothing of it and just keeps talking about Seb's appointment.

I mean - come on, I know I've always been a bit wheezy and nasal (thank you, asthma) but do I really sound THAT BAD? I have to admit, my ego took a bit of a punch when he said that!

Anyway - there's a few kerfuffles with the inks for volume 2 that need sorting out, and then there's the Steampunk Exhibition stuff to finish off (still a few good days work left in all that). I also am mentally working on an idea for another manga title, should I ever get the chance to do it in the next few years. I've been given a look at Seven Seas' lineup of ideas for the next year or two...we have a lot of very strong artists and writers, and the editorial team makes good decisions (regardless of what you might have heard about Nymphet). However...I've also noticed it's sort of very...shounen-heavy. What I mean by that is not so much cross-over shounen that both guys and girls read (I'm thinking Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc etc), but sort of the type that's very boyish and slightly...I don't know...a bit inaccessable to girls perhaps. I didn't tell the editor at the time, but I've been thinking about it over the past few days. I'd hate to see this company get pidgeonholed as doing 'boy's own' stuff rather than catering to a general market. It's probably just a reflection of the fact that a lot of the writers and artists are men (not that there's anything wrong with that).

I'd just like to put it down for the record I am by no means a shoujo fan - I own a bit of CLAMP, and that's it, really. I like general titles that appeal to both sexes. That's where I think a good deal of world manga should aim (I don't like the term OEL, it's kind of very westernising, whereas manga is a global phenomenon).

Oh, and I do think you can have a sexy manga aimed primarily at hormonal teenage males which still has mass appeal - look at Air Gear. I love Air Gear, and I'm about a million miles away from being the target audience!

PS: If I could inherit one of Seb's mother's powers, I want the cooking one. Every culinary disaster in this house over the past week has come from me, and in the kitchen I'm sort of like a live embodiment of Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2. Seb's mother on the other hand, cooks like she's running a restaurant with at least one Michelin star. Ohhh...the inadequacy...
13th-Jun-2007 01:54 pm - Moving right along
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Things are all happening at once right now...funny how you can have some months where everything is nice and slow and others where it's all on and you don't have one second to think. I am currently experiencing the latter, and my body is rapidly developing caffeine immunity as a result.

Chapter two is getting put into mechanical guides - this is page two of chapter two, and in case you're wondering - despite all the exhaust pipes, this Engineer cannot move particularly fast - I'm guessing she just creates a lot of waste that needs burnin' off.

Jason DeAngelis got back to me and said that they had test-printed the cover I gave them. You might remember how much grief it gave me about a month back and how I was almost ready to leap screaming from the window Exorcist-style over the amount of changes the image required. Fortunately, the colours apparently printed all nice, which is exactly what I needed to hear. So there's nothing more to be done for Volume One, and it's ready for print and distribution. I would collapse from happiness and take a long holiday if I had the time, but there's always more to be done in mangaland.

Oh - and I borrowed my parents' old Wacom tablet. It's a teeny Graphire 2, so it's a tad old - the last time I tried it out a few years ago I didn't like it and stuck to the mouse. But this time I'm actually adapting pretty well to it...I guess the proof of its use will be in my next few pictures...

And as an endnote - our screendoor has broken, locking us IN to the house. Thank goodness it's not like the old house which was an upstairs flat with only one entry/exit! Bad news is - we only have one key to the back door, so if someone's always working in the home office - i.e, me - they can't go out until the other person - i.e, Seb - gets home. I could so do with some fruit right now, by body is screaming for Vitamin C, and the grocer's only three blocks away...but I don't trust leaving the door open in this neighbourhood. Boo hoo...
6th-Jun-2007 03:30 pm - Steampunk - Miniature Automata
Here's a link to the Lycette Bros. website - I'll be exhibiting alongside them in August:

The Modern Compendium of Miniature Automata.

I must be one of the few people involved who's doing something brash and colourful - a lot of other people have gone the more traditional 'Victorian England' route of using washed out colours, sepias, darker imagery, older metals...I'm sort of swimming against the current a bit here with my bright n' breezy manga works. Hopefully that contrast will help me stand out (and not like a sore thumb...).
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